TomatoWorld - Piacenza Expo
25 June 2013
25 June 2013
High technology and innovation are the main focuses of the FORUM that means to be an event keen on innovative contents, an occasion to get to know the latest news and become aware of the results of research applied to this dynamic branch of production.

• Industrial tomato has been harvested and processed in Piacenza for 120 years
• Piacenza’s district is the second in Italy as for industrial tomato’s production
• Piacenza has been promoter in the foundation of “Distretto del Pomodoro da Industria del Nord” which is an association of tomato producers in the North of the Nation
• Some important technology suppliers’companies in the tomato industry are established in Piacenza
• Piacenza occupies a focal place in the Po Valley, a conjunction between many industrial and agricultural areas
• Piacenza Expo has structures and organizational skills suitable to face an international event

• Specialized forum
• Technological innovation dedicated area
• Convention area
• Meeting point B to B for exhibitors
• Collateral events

The industrial tomato production has global relevance. Tomato is harvested in almost every continent and its exploitation, as a processed product, is constantly growing. 

Italy is placed among the major producers in the world, it is the second country (13% of global production), after California (34%).